Best Digital Marketing Training Institute In Hyderabad

best digital marketing training institute in hyderabad


  • Duration 2 Months
  • Class Duration 1 Hour a Day
  • Institution SriG Systems
  • Seats Available 20 Students

About The Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course offers learners with the essential skills and training to enter and succeed in today’s fast paced world of marketing, design and Digital Media. I offer state-of-the-art, hands-on training focusing on programs such as Web Designing and Digital Marketing. This package helps students to grow technical, creative and business competences which can lead to a career in digital marketing, digital media publishing, Website Development, advertising, sales, Marketing, or Freelance Marketing.

Whether you're new to Digital Marketing or looking to master new skills to advance your marketing career, you'll learn the best practices for this critical, fast-growing online channel. The package covers the basics of the field as well as the professional disciplines of Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing. You'll learn how to fill specialist, leadership and management roles and use Digital Marketing course is to achieve measurable return on investment. Imagine a mix of lectures and readings, case studies, exercises and assignments.

What You'll Learn In Digital Marketing Course

  • Know what establishes a positive digital marketing presence<.
  • Attain accessible online success using best practices in search engine marketing.
  • Discover new and developing social media platforms, community management, metrics and reporting.
  • Recognize key concepts and trends related with e-commerce and e-business.
  • Apply leading tools, techniques and best practices in customer service.
  • Study what industry leaders do to produce superior business results.

Advertising and Marketing have both evolved drastically from the days long past of luxurious billboard ads and clever TV bits fantasized up by me. Today most of Advertising and Marketing is conducted by contractors or marketing firms in the digital realm–through strategies such as website ads, Facebook Marketing Campaigns, SEO Optimization, Google Adwords, and more. These new developments in the industry create a wealth of opportunities for both current marketing professionals and prospective students to specialize in such strategies to become a valuable asset to any type of business.

For busy professionals and working student’s Digital Marketing offer an efficient path to knowledge and specialization with highly affordable options available. It is to gain a kick-start on a new career in Digital Marketing or boost a resume for an existing one; I offer a powerful alternative to traditional digital marketing. The most thorough certificates offer education across seven categories: content, email strategies, pay-per-click platforms, search marketing (SEO and SEM), mobile devices, social media, and data analysis. In this list I have composed the Best Online Digital Marketing available using a two-fold metric that reflects the value of the program’s core content.

This courses have been designed to kick-start your digital marketing knowledge so you gain new skills and can progress either your desired digital marketing career path or business goals.

During our two months classroom course, you will immerse yourself into the digital marketing industry and explore theoretical and strategic approaches to digital marketing. The course delivers practical actions and insights into the main digital channels including SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing and PPC. I also look at Web Analytics, Mobile and Video.

If you’re looking for an online training option I offer a fully moderated Training Course delivered by me through online.

My Digital Marketing Course is available at my training center in Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

Each topic will enable you to build towards your own digital marketing strategy. You will learn the capabilities of the tactics, timing and techniques and what to measure to make sure your efforts return your investment. There will be a focus on creating content and the analytics you can use to measure and present results.

The course combines lecture-based learning with practical exercises and peer feedback to help develop your understanding of digital marketing. There will also be the opportunity to respond to a brief from a real company, and go head to head pitching your ideas.

Topics Covered In Digital Marketing Training

  • Creating clear measurable objectives
  • Customer profiling
  • Understanding the UX Design for Websites
  • Customer experience
  • Branding
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • How SEO and Social Media work hand in hand
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Online PR
  • Affiliate marketing
  • PPC (pay-per-click)
  • Digital advertising and events
  • The impact of mobile on digital
  • Strategy and planning


best digital marketing training institute in hyderabad
Srikanth Giddalur

Web Designer | Digital Marketing Evangelist | Web Developer | Trainer

Myself Srikanth Giddalur, I am a Freelance Web Designer, Web Developer, Digital Marketing Analyst and Trainer for Web Designing and Digital Marketing with over 10+ Years of Experience in the field of Web Technologies and Digital Marketing from Hyderabad. As a trainer I have trained 3000+ students in both Web Designing and Digital Marketing Training Courses.