Best Web Designing Online Training

best web designing online training


  • Duration 45 Days
  • Class Duration 1 Hour a Day
  • Institution SriG Systems
  • Seats Available 1-5 Students

About The Web Designing Online course

Online Web Design Course is perfect if you are always wanted to create your own website but needed the skills or knowledge to do so. At both the beginner and intermediate web-designer, this complete, easy-to-understand course will boost your understanding of Web Development tools and techniques.

During Web Essentials you will put your new skills to work by creating a fully functional e-commerce ready custom website, either for your own business or for another small business or community organization.

Many participants choose me, because it gives them the opportunity to build and Maintain a Website for their own business, where they can sell their own products or services Online.

Looking for employment or self-employment? There is no better way to get your career on track than with web technology and design skills. With me you will gain the skills that employers and customers today require.

I believe that learning is a biological process and it takes place constantly. In this process, content stands in a superficial layer and it are our responsibility as a trainer to guide students to base their learning on their prior knowledge through critical thinking.

To achieve this I guide them through an intellectual process that allows them to confront previous concepts and ideas with scientific research based theoretical knowledge.

I support active learning and the idea that true knowledge acquisition is possible only when I meet the students where they are, helping them to understand the particularities of each topic by relating it to the bigger picture.

Web Designing Online Training My Methodologies

  • Both my online and our onsite teaching occurs within an environment of respect.
  • I work with small groups to maximize instructor support.
  • The content of our courses is "international" bias free. This means that the content has been designed while taking into account the different realities of our complex world.
  • Students are offered the possibility to complement theoretical knowledge with hands on international experience.
  • I have designed several Training methodologies to ensure that everyone has access to quality education.

Web Designing Online Training Program Course Details:

Photoshop Basics:

Get an in-depth foundation in Adobe Photoshop, the premiere image-manipulation tool for print design, Web design, and photography. You’ll learn to choose and use the best techniques for common Photoshop jobs including selecting and isolating objects, creating image composites, masking and vignetting images, setting typography, and improving images with retouching and effects. Every designer must trained this creative powerhouse of a program.

Color Theory:

Focus on developing appropriate color systems for graphic design projects. Projects explore the principles, terminology, and applications of color theory, with an emphasis on manipulating color. An employed knowledge of the appearance and perception of color, and color interaction, lends credibility and sophistication to a designer’s work.

HTML And CSS Essentials:

To create Web pages, a Web Designer must have a foundation in HTML and CSS. This course begins with the basics of HTML markup and specifications for standards-compliant Web pages. Cascading Style Sheets scripting is inspected as a method for positioning page elements and styling typography. Cutting-edge features of HTML5 and CSS3 are also introduced. The emphasis is on the contemporary use of markup and scripting to create effective and attractive Web sites.

Fundamentals Of Typography:

Explore the critical role of typography in Graphic Design. Course assignments build an understanding of the structure of the letterform, the distinguishing features of different typefaces, and creative applications of type. An assured grasp of typography is essential in any visual communication project.


Develop practical skills for Dreamweaver, the HTML editor of choice for Professional Web Designers. Dreamweaver mixes a host of Web design tools in one easy-to-use application. Without any prior HTML knowledge, students learn to design sites, creating advanced layouts by using Cascading Style Sheets, typography, colours, tables, and more.

JavaScript For Designers:

Study how to program using JavaScript and jQuery with skills geared to visually-oriented designers. Master the fundamentals of JavaScript programming, focusing on how you can add interactivity and responsiveness to your Web designs without too much technical jargon or coding mumbo jumbo. Class trainings include a range of interactive projects: a trifles puzzle, a user adaptive form, a single-page site, a Web application, a responsive site, and portfolio or personal site enhanced by plugins.

Web Design:

Learn a systematic professional approach to Web Design. You’ll use site maps, wireframes, HTML and CSS layouts, comps, colour palettes, usability tests, and other tools and concepts to make sure your designs hit the mark. Students arriving this class are estimated to have a basic capability in HTML and CSS design, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Building upon those skills, students will complete four portfolio projects that challenge their Web design skills and build an understanding of how to manage Web Design Projects in a professional context.


best web designing online training
Srikanth Giddalur

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Myself Srikanth Giddalur, I am a Freelance Web Designer, Web Developer, Digital Marketing Analyst and Trainer for Web Designing and Digital Marketing with over 10+ Years of Experience in the field of Web Technologies and Digital Marketing from Hyderabad. As a trainer I have trained 3000+ students in both Web Designing and Digital Marketing Training Courses.