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  • Duration 20 Days
  • Class Duration 1 Hour a Day
  • Institution SriG Systems
  • Seats Available 1-5 Students

About SEM | Adwords Online Training Course

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) choices grow every year, so the key to success is planning and management, as well as audience and technical knowledge. This practical SEM course will take you through setting goals, budgeting, keyword research, planning and measurement across PPC and SEO. The result will be better search campaigns and confidence in dealing with both internal teams and external agencies.

This SEM Online Training is aimed at any marketer seeking to understand how to plan and work with this essential channel in today’s increasingly digital world. The search marketing course structure assumes you are planning, or do use, Google or Bing as promotional channels to your audience and need to plan the tactics of SEO and PPC Training to deliver success.

Benefits Of Search Engine Marketing Online Training Course

  • Enhance both your web site and your online Marketing Campaign to improve their effectiveness.
  • Use a range of methods to attract more, higher quality visitors to your web site.
  • Achieve a high ranking with all the major India and global search engines and directories.
  • Structure your campaign for greatest impact and ease of management.
  • Select the best performing and most cost effective keywords.
  • Stay on top – how to manage and evolve your campaign in best way.
  • Improve your relevancy - as measured by your Click through Rates (CTRs).
  • Understand the differences between the main PPC vendors (Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing etc.).
  • Anyone involved in the design of a web site or Online Marketing Campaigns wanting to get the very best results for their marketing budget, including sales and marketing staff, online marketers and consultants.

This course integrates the benefits of the Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It does this by not only ensuring you get the best from your web site – making sure it gets highly placed in the search engines to get noticed – but also the best from a complementary and targeted online marketing campaign.

Advantanges Of Search Engine Marketing Online Training Course

  • Judge a search agency/consultant’s abilities.
  • Look for red flags for poor quality work.
  • How to integrate search with social media campaigns.
  • Forecasting Search Marketing on both online and offline campaigns.
  • Google AdWords Campaign Fundamentals.

Search Engine Marketing contains supporting your brand’s occurrence through paid advertising via search engines. This search engine marketing online training Course includes detailed study of PPC, Google Ad Words, building paid advertising campaigns, tracking, optimizing and re marketing. You will gain hands-on experience through live projects to understand the requirements of the industry.

What’s The Focus Of This Training Course?

Complete Google Ad Words Professional Training Course ensures that you become a complete Google Advertising Professional. You will get a clear exposure of Google Pay per Click network and an in-depth understanding of major aspects of Google advertising network like Search, Display, Mobile and Video. After completing this course, you will be able to ideate and execute Google campaigns using different channels like Search, Mobile, Display and Video. You will take on different strategies for optimizing your campaigns and advance ad quality. By the end of this course, you will have a solid grasp of Google Ad Words network and you will be job ready.

What Are The Course Objectives?

This online training covers all features of Google Ad Words/ Google advertising network. After this course you will be able to

  • Have an in-depth understanding of different channels of Google advertising network such as Search, Display, and Mobile & Video.
  • Controlling the Ad Words edges, to expose and manage Google Ad Words account.
  • Formulate, plan and execute different types campaigns using Google Advertising network
  • Have in-depth understanding about different types of biddings methods and biding strategies
  • Master different ways to target user via different channels to market & re-market your product
What You Will Learn In This Search Engine Marketing Training Course?
  • Introduction to SEM and concepts
  • Learn about Search and Display Campaigns
  • Keyword bidding, managing campaign performance
  • Work with Google Ad Scheduling, Ad Delivery
  • Learn about Conversion Tracking, Code Tracking
  • Deploy Google Analytics and work with Web master tools
  • Advanced SEM concepts and implementation


best sem online training
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